Friday, April 21, 2006

Star Tribune to Employees: Don't Steal Your Own Newspaper , You Little Bitches!

It's been a Cat. 5 shitstorm around these here ambisexual parts, what with the Macalester Up In Smoke tour temporarily put on hold, we've hardly had time to exhale. So, while this juicy tidbit may not come as a surprise to anyone other than Moe Williams, we'd like to direct you to the little dustup over at the Star Tribune (err...Pravda) over removing free copies of the paper in an effort to cut costs. Not only is the Strib the joke of Minnesota, it's the joke of an entire, disgraced nation. The Grey Lady reports. [NYT]
Poynter, some journalism outfit, has a similar take. []
And while we're on topic the moonbats over at the Anti-Strib have all the playa hating you could ask for. An entire website devoted to clowning on the Star Tribune...this is why, people, we shouldn't allow conceal and carry. [anti-strib]


PiedPiper said...

I think the Strib should send the copies they used to give to employees to the Anti-Strib folks. You know, just to mess with their minds...

Tracy said...

We're Wingnuts, the lefties are Moonbats.

Sending us copies would be creative and damned funny, so there's no way the Strib would ever do anything like that.