Friday, February 10, 2006

Frivolous Post

I was searching over at Craigslist Minneapolis and happened upon a person selling her CD collection. I say her because the person who formerly owned the collection purchased Tracy Chapman AND Paula Cole. And not just the Paula Cole with "Where have all the cowboys gone?" on it. Two Paula Cole albums.

Going down the list it is a veritable cornucopia of crappy 90s music. Tubthumper? Seriously, you bought Chumbawumba? When you realized it was mostly Brit Anarchist music, did it get relegated to the back pages of your CD folder? You buy not one, but two Best of Aerosmith albums?

And yet there is Tom Waits, sitting down near bottom of the alphabetized list. You're getting rid of Alice? His crazy soundtrack for a German version of Alice in Wonderland? And Mule Variations? Hell of an album. Why get rid of these, when you so obviously need his gravelly voice? (A voice that has caused more than one million-dollar lawsuit for copyright infringement, as well as infringement of his "moral rights")

Please, girl-who-once-loved-The Spin Doctors-and-Seal, don't let Tom Waits slip away.

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