Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gay Cowboys Kicking Ass and Asking Questions Later: at least for Awards Nominations

This just in, Brokeback Mountain (not to be confused with my starring feature "Bareback Mountain") has garnered several SAG (Screen Actors Guild-of which Ronal Reagan was once the president) Awards. SAG is often considered a solid Oscar predictor. I just am glad that hollywood actors had the good sense not to name their union the Film Actors Guild a la Team America. Anyhow, I made an earlier post about the movie bitching about films about gay cowboys and how they never have enough action (though, Brokeback Mountain is the only gay cowboy movie I know of and am yet to see it). These award nominations nearly offer total confirmation of my original fear. However, I will still go watch the movie even if it is not really a true Western (definitions provided in orginal post: see thing #1 and thing #2).

P.S. I am yet to have any takers on my Gay Ninja film concept.


Anti-Everything said...

I have a video camera so if you come up with a script I will be willing to produce the film.

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

outstanding. It will be done.