Monday, November 07, 2005

Endorsement Mania!

So we have the League of Pissed-Off Voters' endorsements, and now we have the Staid-Old-Media endorsements. The Strib published their full list of endorsements for all the enthralling races that will soon climax tomorrow. Uncompromised, the Stribsters bestowed their mayoral endorsements (which are practically like gold these days) and beknighted Coleman and Rybak counties of the St. Paul and Minneapolis fiefdoms.

I have to say, though, it has been a difficult few days on the St. Paul side of the river watching Randy Kelly go down in flames and try to put on his happy face. It's like his hair is on fire, his scalp is getting charred, and he's chomping on his tongue to divert the pain. It's ok, Randy. Just let it out. There's no shame in tears. But why - oh why? - are you still shoveling money out the window on such a losing cause? I mean, at this point, you're the defacto Republican nominee. Good night and good luck, sweet prince.

And speaking of St. Paul, can anyone find me the PiPress endorsements? Perhaps its my illiteracy, but I can't seem to locate them (if they exist) anywhere.

Hey, Mandingo, who's it going to be in Seward? Cam Gordon or Cara Letofsky? Oh, and I think I saw Dan Miller panhandling on the Cedar-Riverside exit off I-94. Great campaign. Really.

Also, you may be wondering where the PeP endorsements are. Well, I think you know where I stand on the St. Paul mayor's race. But other than that, we don't give endorsements without a little consideration on the side. (And if you've taken a Contracts class, you know what I mean.) Seriously, though, we all have our own ideologies - some similar, some different - and so we won't be making blanket endorsements...this time. Of course, the PeP contributors are free to make their own personal endorsements, which I can assure you are highly sought after.


Mandingo said...

Pied, if I were a betting man, and I'm not, I'd have to go with Letofsky. Cam Gordon lost in a nail-biter in the last election and that might be as close as he'll ever get in Ward 2. Remember, the Ward is much more than just Seward Neighborhood: we include the U of MN which doesn't count for much; Downtown East that will hardly pull for Gordon, Prospect Park; Como; and Marcy-Holmes (also highly populated by college students).
In Seward it's an even split between Gordon and Letofsky but that's only one bite out of the granola bar.
My guess is that Letofsky wins with in a relatively close race. Remember, her husband is Jim Davnie is a DFL member in the Minnesota House. That has to count for something. I saw it help in the primaries, and I'm sure it will help again.

Letofsky: %57
Gordon: %43

PiedPiper said...

Granola bar, indeed