Tuesday, November 08, 2005

...and the Ayes have it

Well, that's all she wrote, PePpers. The voters have made their mark, although in most cases, I don't believe the use of bodily fluids was involved. Chris Coleman schelacked Randy Kelly in what amounted to a 70-30 split, and the RT Rybak Referendum in Minneapolis scored about the same.

The closest races this evening happened in South Minneapolis, where Mandingo and Ilya are squirelling away ballots in hopes that Cam Gordon holds onto a 51-49 margin over Cara Letofsky. Also, Green Party mafioso and Ward 6 City Council incumbent Dean Zimmerman appears to be losing his seat, but maybe not his slush fund.

So party hardy, PePpers, and thank your lucky stars you don't live in Virginia...or Kansas.


archduke f. f. said...

Wow. Congratulations Kansas, you have just entered the 14th Century. Perhaps you'd like a side of bubonic plague with your yearly bath? In Kansas the Renaissance Fair is 365 days a year. So are they going to teach the theory of gravity next year, or does Sir Isaac first have to affirm his Christian faith?

Mandingo said...

It's been confirmed: Gordon wins by a hundred forty or so votes. I called a close race, but I didn't call the winner. I'm three gin and tonics and a forty of Miller High Life deep right now. I just may not remember this election at all.

PiedPiper said...

BTW, Dems took the New Jersey governor's race also. Big surprise.

Ilya said...

Good, Cam won. I'd rather vote for a man named "Cam" than anyone, man or woman, with the last name "Letofsky". That's how I decided that one.

Anti-Everything said...

KANSAS SCHOOL BOARD - "Doctor, my heart is attacking me. / Well, it must be haunted. / What do I do? / Pray."

"Kansas, preparing young minds for the high tech jobs of 1652."