Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who knew world peace could be found in a pool of warm, frothy water?

Not to take anything away from the Harriet Miers brouhaha - it really seems to be her day - but I can't allow these pages to overlook an important bit of local news. Apparently, a group calling itself the Global Country for Peace, which flows from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the transcental meditiation movement, and has a "university" in (where else) Iowa, is planning to build the first of 10 planned Minnesota Maharishi Peace Palaces behind a gas station on St. Paul's East Side. Their agenda? World peace...what else?

Such palaces have recently been built in Maryland, Texas, and Kentucky. They include herbal medicine, advanced yoga classes, and spas. Because, really, there's nothing that screams world peace like St. John's Wort, downward-facing dog, and flabby, middle-aged skin soaking in a spa.

At right is a picture of the plans for the peace palace. I probably wouldn't go with the same architectural style as that exhibited in the once-popular computer game SimCity 2000, but hey, I'm no yogi.

And, Mandingo, try to contain your excitement.

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