Thursday, October 27, 2005

Brownie For SCOTUS

That's right ladies and germs, the Supreme Court sweepstakes have been ushered back with Miers' withdrawal. My humble suggestion for the next nomination: Michael Brown, the deposed former head of FEMA and the International Arabian Horse Association. Here are the obvious reasons that Brownie should be nominated.

  1. Bush knows him.
  2. He is absolutely bulletproof on the objection raised by Richard Cohen of WaPo with regards to Roberts: Brownie definitely knows failure; he has been forced out of his last two jobs.
  3. Definitely can't be elitism, his law school wasn't even accredited.
  4. He's known to do a heck of a job.

Just if he were a female... Anyhow, PeP readers, write your Senators now, BROWNIE for SCOTUS!!


Ilya said...

No Brown. As I said before, Michael McConnell is the best person for the job, on the basis of merit - have we lost sight of talent and merit after enduring all the fog about Miers's 'good' character?

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

I was being facetious. McConnell would be my favored nomination as well, his credentials are impeccable.