Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Black, white, and [not quite] read all over

Holy Steely Dan, Batman! How the PeP nearly missed a link to the Strib redesign is beyond me. Not since we blew the Pawlenty F-enheimer and Jayson Blair was our guest blogger have we come this close to blogger incompetence. Did you know that the new Strib is made of velvet and has embedded microchips that play Chopin as you read it? Yeah, me neither. Pick up a copy tomorrow, and tell us what you think!

PS-Per usual, they've set up a cheesy Strib blog to track the incoherent madness.


Ilya said...

I'll pick up the paper tomorrow. It'll be the first Star Tribune (is that what it's called?) I've ever bought. Like the much hyped Wall Street Journal redesign about 5 years ago, the results are always underwhelming.

What they say: the paper will be more relevant, useful, interesting and readable.

What they mean: everything will be the same except the words - we're going to minimize the words and add more colors and pictures. Who has time to read anymore? We know our "readers" don't, so from now on will call them our "viewers" as if the paper were a television screen. More talking points, less substantive points.

Call me cynical...we'll know tomorrow.

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

The Strib is expensive toilet paper Ilya. Go to a coffee shop and steal the paper. Don't waste your money.

PiedPiper said...

At least they've finally upgraded their Web site from that god-awful mid-90s facade that appeared to be pasted together in MS Frontpage. Welcome to the Info Superhighway.