Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pie-Eyed Pickle of the Week

We've been (or I should say, I've been) lazy this week. So we're going to outsource this week's pie-eyed pickle of the week: We bring you "Blair in a Pickle" via Patrick Basham of the libertarian Cato Institute. Tony (Downing Street Memo) Blair, that right-honorable gentleman, has been mired in the pursuit of terrorists abroad...oh, wait, that's our President. Rather, the right-honorable gentleman has realized, to his dismay, that his beloved England is chock-a-block with jihadist groups just as terrifying as those President Bush is hunting down in distant lands. Bummer dude. But, as the Minneapolis born and Oxford bred journalist Peter Bergen reminds us, "Our Ally, Our Problem." It would seem that there is just no way out of this pickle—yet.

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