Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Daily Melee

  • I realize you're all waiting word on Minnesota Meltdown 2005 with bated breath, so here's my word on it: Yikes. With all the screaming and yelling, all of the theatrics and vigils and kumbaya-ing, it all comes down to four men. Teflon Tim, Deano Johnson, Sviggy Sviggum, and Matt Entenza (whose name doesn't lend itself to a clever pseudonym). They burned the midnight oil at the governor's manse last night, but no white smoke appeared. Today, it's more of the same although there are concessions and thinly disguised compromises floating in the rotunda. Though the Pawlenty's racino plan went nowhere during the regular session, the GOPers still cleave to it in hopes of ekeing out an extra $110 million per year ($220 million per biennium) on the backs of the gamblin' kind. The cigarette "fee" is all but a lock so we'll raise some more money on the lungs of the smokin' kind. This still leaves the two parties quite far apart, yet the GOP is taking a softer tone on MinnesotaCare and the DFL is taking a softer tone on visiting state parks this weekend. All I know is that if this thing actually goes through, the politicians better quit kissing babies and start smooching the gambling smokers in our fine state.
  • Former FBI whistleblower and woman trapped in the '80s Colleen Rowley announced she will run against Republican Rep. John Kline in the 2nd district (which stretches from the southern suburbs to Red Wing in the east and Le Seuer in the south). You remember Kline, don't you? The guy who carried the nuclear detonation box for Reagan? I mean, with a qualification like that what does Rowley think she's doing contesting him?
  • Speaking of Reagan, Laura Billings offers her take on his win over Lincoln in the American Idol-style "Greatest American" contest.
  • When the new meth laws force Sudafed behind the counter, will Minnesota law enforcement officials have the statistics to measure its success (or failure)?
  • Have you heard about the Mass Missed Connection going on at the Uptown Lunds? Apparently, just about every lonely soul (whose desperate enough to look for descriptions of themselves on the Craigslist Missed Connections board) has decided to go to Lunds and practice their passive-aggressive dating style among the avocados, Campbells, and frozen custard. Here's an idea, folks: When you see someone you think you may be interested in, go talk to them.
  • It's Hollywood in Minnesota time! Prairie Home Companion: The Movie is about to begin shooting in St. Paul and I'm about to puke in anticipation of more articles on Lindsay Lohan sightings.

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