Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Daily Doom

  • Minnesota Meltdown 2005 is imminent, my friends. Sviggy Sviggum is preparing "mentally" for a shutdown, while everyone else is racking their chips. Honestly, though I've spent some time now joking about this, I thought they'd reach a last-minute deal. Today, that really doesn't look like it's going to happen. DFLers certainly share the blame in this debacle, but at least they've proposed a "lights-on" agreement that would keep the government running until a deal is made, while Teflon Tim and the GOP are still talking about initiative/referendum and the damn casino. The last glimmers of hope have the DFL backing away from their proposed income tax hike for the top earners while the GOP say they won't cut anyone off MinnesotaCare. Of course, that means the GOP will have to find some moolah, and we all know they don't like spending cash unless its on themselves. Who're the losers here? We all are.
  • On the other side of the river, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak says the only people who need to worry about getting shot are those engaged in high-risk behavior. Nick Coleman finds two cases of shootings during such dangerous behaviors as "sleeping" and "going for a walk."
  • Read about the stars in the Prairie Home Companion movie here, here, here, and here. Oh, and see the slideshow of the stars here.
  • Who are these people?

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