Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2012 Prediction

The election is just over a year away but I feel confident in predicting that Mitt Romney will both win the republican nomination and become our next president. The economy sucks and it is likely to muddle through at best (or tank if Europe disintegrates further as it is threatening to do). Unemployment is unlikely to rebound in the near term (I wouldn't be surprised if we are staring down 10% unemployment again by November '12). What odds would you like to give me that the stock market is above 10k? Home prices will likely be flat, maybe still declining in some places and foreclosures will continue to be stacking up. I think this means that the generic Republican (and Mitt Romney is assuredly the nearest thing) will beat President Obama handily*.

*Inconvenient fact- Romney is mormon and that gives a lot of otherwise fair-minded people the heebeejeebees and this is to say nothing of those who are not fair-minded.

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