Thursday, February 03, 2011

When Will RIM Go Out of Business

I have a blackberry through work and I have an android based phone. Even before I got my blackberry from work I never seriously considered using it as my personal phone (at the time I had a dumbphone). Even without ever fiddling around with an iPhone or Android phone the blackberry's limitations were pretty pronounced. My work throttles the use of it so this may not be entirely fair (the camera is disabled and the app store is disabled- no sexting on the work phone). The functionality that I do have is crap. The browser sucks. The UI is really clunky. I like physical keys but I have actually been surprised how the touchscreen keyboard is surprisingly tolerable (and if physical keys are a must you can get android based phones with them, though not an iPhone). My intuition is that RIM has business side pretty much locked down but is probably losing individual and family subscriptions at a steady clip (and to the extent they are maintaing those subscriptions they are probably subsidizing the phones at near cost or even a loss to keep a place in the market). At some point I would imagine that either Apple or Google will at least make a foray into getting some of the corporate or government market. When that happens I don't see how RIM survives.

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