Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Believing Your Own Spin

Here is Ezra Klein, a blogger I regularly follow, like, and disagree with:

Second question - why this 2013 start date for reform? That's a llllong time from now.... And do you think if this passes and the Republicans regain control of Congress before 2013 they can just undo it before it even starts?

Ezra Klein: I have not, but certainly would try them.

As for 2013, there are two answers. One is that it can't be implemented till then for technical reasons. I think there's more to this than people are giving it credit for. The second is that it makes hc reform look cheaper in the 10-year window, which helps for budgeting."

Ezra gives 2 of 3 reasons why 2013 is when a lot of the health care bill is slated to ramp up:

1. Implementation is actually difficult.

2. Postponing implementation is a budget gimmick used to keep the cost artificially low (if you only show expenditures in five years out of a ten year budget window the program will appear cheaper than it really is).

And what Ezra omitted.

3. 2013 is after 2012, an election year. In the event that the reform is unpopular people will not be able to express the dissatisfaction for several more years.

That is sort of an obvious one. When you omit something like that you might as well be on payroll.

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Anonymous said...

The world ends in 2012!