Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kennedy and Colson

Hanna Rosin has a blog post bemoaning references to Mary Jo Kopechne and Kennedy because Kennedy suffered some consequences and did good deeds later which distinguishes him from many others. She compares him to former Nixon aide Chuck Colson who founded Prison Fellowship. The big difference is that Chuck Colson didn't have the Kennedy name to trade on and actually did have to go to prison. Kennedy didn't really suffer any consequences. She argues that he partially repented by not running for president but this is incorrect; he did in fact run for president in 1980, running against Carter for the democratic nomination and losing. I have heard others suggest the fact that he wasn't ever president was consequence enough, implicit therein that the presidency was his birthright as a Kennedy. Kennedy certainly deserves to be remembered for his accomplishments, which were considerable, but also his flaws which in the case of Mary Jo Kopechne, were tragic.

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