Monday, August 17, 2009

Great Health Care Article

This is one of the better ones I have read recently. The author does a great job of cataloguing some of the absurdities of the health care industry. His prescriptions are quite radical and I can never imagine them being passed which is unfortunate. It is deeply unsettling to me that the basis of reform is essentially not to disrupt the current system but rather to build on it. If everyone is in agreement that a policy sucks why should the emphasis of reform be to further establish said system. The alternative that has been discussed, and has been the source of much left wing frustration, has been the public option or in extremis a medicare for all approach. But yet again, this too is merely an expansion of the status quo. Medicare is a huge and unsustainable portion of the health care industry, why does it constitute an adequate model for reform? At what point in the health care debate do we move from heated discussions of the virtues of Policy A (Employer Based Insurance)and Policy B (Public Option/Medicare for all)--which both suck and where the sole distinction is whether your overinsurance is provided by tax dollars or foregone wages--and move to a discussion of Policy C (something that doesn't suck)?

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