Monday, April 06, 2009

Why Not Hatchbacks

In Europe hatchbacks are prevalent whereas in the U.S. they are more of a niche item.  Americans opt for sedans and car manufacturers are reluctant to bring hatchbacks over here.  I don't understand this.  A hatchback is a sedan that just has a little more cargo room (significantly more really) and is easier to load.  They're quite utilitarian and perform every bit as well as their sedan platform mates on the road.  I find them more attractive personally but I am apparently in a very small minority.  I wonder how much of the American buying public's aversion to hatchbacks is rooted in a hatchback's likeness to a station wagon (considered a baby mover and a dowdy one at that- yet again, I like station wagons).  Or, maybe Americans do secretly love hatchbacks and car manufacturers marketing departments are filled with dolts.  I hope it's the latter.

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