Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're not that stupid Mr. President

As Frank Rich observes in his book, The Greatest Story Ever Sold, the media has it all wrong about Bush. The problem with W. is not that he's stupid, but that he talks to the rest of us as though we are.

Case in point: his interview with Candy Crowley which aired on CNN today. He said:

"You know, the military looks at the president and wonder whether or not the president's going to make decisions based upon victory. Or, whether or not the president would be making decisions based upon its political skin. And if you ever make decisions based upon your political skin where troops are in harms way, you as commander-in-chief will have a lot of problems keeping the respect of the military."

Frank Rich isn't the only one who knows that this is a total lie - many in the military know this as well. Rich writes:
It was all too predictable that even when the administration was forced into rebuilding Iraq, it would time every pivot point, from the creation of a constitution to the scheduling of elections, to deadlines dictated by Rove's political goals at home (whether a State of the Union speech or a domestic election), rather than to the patience-requiring realities of forging a post-Saddam government. That cynical priority was what had dictated the timing of the rollout of the product in the first place: it wasn't a mushroom cloud that was imminent as the White House pressed for a congressional resolution in the fall of 2002, it was the midterms....Shouldn't it have raised alarms that a war was being rushed on an arbitrary and reckless timetable that was in sync with an American election campaign? (222)

Journalist Crowley: have you not learned anything about the ways of this White House? Shame on you for letting the President's remark pass without question as though it were true.

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