Monday, December 29, 2008

A Festivus for the Rest of Us

Here is Ta-nehisi Coates on Kwanzaa and the holiday season in general:

"Meh, I don't celebrate Kwanzaa. My Dad was a Black Panther, so I wasn't exactly brought up to think of Karenga (call that Negro "Ron") as heroic. I didn't celebrate Christmas either, and the general consensus in my home was that Kwanzaa was throw-away for people who couldn't deal with not getting gifts. 

But so what? Seriously, this idea that Kwanzaa is fundamentally different from other holidays is silly and unreflective. Debating the holidays, is like debating sex acts. Dude, there's no clean or dirty, only what you're into or what you're not. Do we really want to do the knowledge on Christmas here? Seriously??"

Debating sex acts would be an improvement over spending a couple pay checks on gifts people don't like. Engaging in the sex acts would probably raise social utility even more.  

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