Thursday, November 06, 2008

PeP Links: Transition and Conservative Crackup Edition


Here is the bio on one of the frontrunners for the next Supreme Court vacancy.  When my employer (Uncle Sam) was being sued he was on the panel and had an excellent grasp of the record and asked really inciteful questions.

Here is the Scotus Blog with a more thorough list of possible SCOTUS appointments.

Here is a piece from TNR on Tim Geithner who is a short lister for the Treasury.  Larry Summers is mentioned also as a likely candidate.  I tend to think Summers has a greater chance if for no other reason than that Geithner is currently pretty busy as president of the Fed Reserve Bank of New York where he is playing a central role in trying to contain the financial meltdown.  Paul Volcker is another contender.

John Podesta, former Clinton Chief of Staff, is the head of the Obama transition team and is a candidate for energy secretary.

Conservative Crackup:

Here is a panel of conservatives on the conservative crack up and what to do moving forward. My favorite suggestion is Tucker Carlson's that we actually put forth a candidate that has demonstrates some degree of fluency in English.

Over at Culture 11 Conor Friedorsdorf proposes a series of panels to discuss the political challenges facing conservatism and possible policy responses.  I love the idea for the title- Conservatism- What the F-ck? (Obviously the liberal equivalent would be: Liberalism- What the Fuck?)

And This Just Cracks Me Up:

The boys over at Powerline demanding to know when Obama will back away from this whole global warming hoax.

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