Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Roots

I went to see the Roots at the Rams Head Live! in Baltimore last night. Massively disappointed. I had seen them live 3 times previously, though the last time was five years ago. Anyhow, they used to be an incredible live act. Anyhow, this time they blew. Literally, they subbed out the beatbox guy for a fucking Tuba player. Don't get me wrong, they immensely talented. But they no longer had the same energy that they once did. They have become a brand not a band. They beatbox guy wasn't touring with them, they ditched their old bassist. The Roots is basically now just Questlove and Blackthought. While they were always the driving force of the Roots, the bassist, beatbox, and keyboardist all fueled the fire. That chemistry is gone. However, the Gymclass Heroes and Estelle opened for the Roots and both acts were brilliant. They alone were worth the money.

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