Friday, October 03, 2008

My TakeAway From the Debate

I didn't watch the whole thing. Objectively you would have to say Biden destroyed Palin.  However, she came into the debate with such low expectations that even if she were merely atrocious, which she was, as opposed to the ongoing train wreck that we have been witnessing that you would have to deem her performance a success. 

Biden managed to escape any big foot in mouth moments.  When he started choking up when speaking about the safety of his son in the military, which seemed genuine, it was quite endearing. He was very effective in his foreign policy discussions.  

Ifill sucked as a moderator.  There were a couple of follow ups that she plainly blew.  Most glaring among them was the gay marriage question.  She asked Joe Biden a simple yes/no question about gay marriage and his response was a good one, though probably not what most liberals would like to hear.  He said that we should give gay couples the same civil rights that accompany a heterosexual marriage, but that whether it is called marriage is really a matter left to one's faith.  I agree with this formulation and would go one step further and that there should be no such thing as state sanctioned marriage but rather there are civil unions and a civil uinon can take place between two consenting unrelated adults.  Anyhow, Ifill then asked Palin if she agreed with what Biden said. She stated that Joe Biden opposes gay marriage and so does she so they agree.  An obvious followup would be to ask if she believed, like Joe Biden, that gay couples should be accorded the same civil rights as heterosexual couples.  But Ifill didn't make that followup, weak sauce indeed.

Oh, and another great moment from the debate, Ifill asked of both candidates if they agreed with Cheney's view that the Office of the Vice President was a hybrid office that was neither executive nor legislative, fish nor fowl.  Anyhow, Palin agreed!!  Biden did an amazing job in not laughing, or being condescending in his response. 

The other thing, Palin blinked into the camera a number of times.  That was just ridiculously hot. I repeat, Sarah Palin is a stone cold fox.  I want her to stay on the national stage as long as possible, just not as our vice president.

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