Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bachman=Batshit Crazy

I tend to agree with Michelle Bachmann, we really need to investigate some of these anti-American politicians. The Committee on Un-American Activities was a great success, if only marred by its limited nature. It sought only those who were commies, in a sense undermining its stated purpose. It was not the Committee on Commie-Activities, rather, Un-American activities. Anti-American activities encompasses people of so many different walks of life and persuasions, not just commies. Go Bachman, Go! Fight the good fight!

Bullshit aside, it has long been the official view of this blog that Bachmann is absurd, though I do think she is a fox. See this brilliant post by my estranged co-blogger, Anti.

Update: Here is Powerline trying to rationalize Bachmann's statements. And yet again.

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