Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin Needs Schooling ASAP

Here is a bit from her interview with Charlie Gibson:

"GIBSON: So let me summarize the three things that you’d change in the Bush economic plans. One, two, three.

PALIN: Reduce taxes, control spending, reform the oversight and the overseeing agencies and committees to make sure that America’s dollars and investments are protected.

GIBSON: So let me break some of those down. You talk about spending. How much smaller would a McCain budget be? Where would you cut?

PALIN: We’re going to find efficiencies in every department. We have got to. There are some things that I think should be off the table. Veterans’ programs, off the table. You know, we owe it to our veterans and that’s the greatest manifestation that we can show in terms of support for our military, those who are in public service fighting for America. …It’s to make sure that our veterans are taken care of and the promises that we’ve made to them are fulfilled.

GIBSON: So you’d take military off the table, the veterans’ benefits. That’s 20 percent of the budget. & Do you talk about entitlement reform? Is there money you can save in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid?

PALIN: I am sure that there are efficiencies that are going to be found in all of these agencies. I’m confident in that."

Palin is pulling the whole fraud, waste and abuse line. Repeat after me: the government is an insurance company with a side business in defense. If you are going to try to bring the budget into balance on the spending side you will have to tackle a combination of defense, medicare, medicaid, and social security.

To be fair, this is not necessarily a fair reflection of Palin's knowledge or lack of knowledge. Many on the right have been peddling this bullshit for ages. This has been a pet peeve of mine for awhile.

hat tip: economist mom

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