Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Thoughts on Palin

I was initially rather excited by the Palin pick, though for somewhat unconventional reasons. I think her pick is a disaster and simply shows how impulsive McCain is and one would argue on that basis alone ill-suited for the presidency. That said, I view this election as a throwaway for the Republicans. I don't think there is a snowflake's chance in hell that McCain wins. The electoral math just doesn't add up for Republicans. The Republican brand is so tarnished that you could submit a ticket of Jesus and Mother Theresa and it would be walloped. McCain's pick of Palin gives an up and coming politician a chance to get some national exposure that she would not get merely as the governor of Alaska. If Palin's basic defect were that she were inexperienced than all would be peachy in my book, though it looks like she might be a bit loony and ethically challenged.

On the plus side, she is a stone cold fox. I think Michelle Obama is immensely attractive and so is Governor Palin and that makes this election much more palatable.


Will said...

I see no reason that she would be either loony or ethically challenged, and my instinct is that you have no concrete one either. Your intuition, while perhaps generally sound, is lacking

xtra said...

Ethically challenged seems to have been pretty clear from the outset with the imbroglio over her trying to pressure one of her subordinates to fire her brother in law. This scandal was known before her nomination and is part of the reason she was not considered as a real contender for the veep slot by most media observers.