Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Black is the New Black

Geraldine Ferraro has asserted that Barack Obama would not be where he is now if he weren't black. I disagree. Democrats have preferred youthful vitality in their candidates over experience. Whereas republicans are obsessed with finding the next Ronald Reagan, Democrats are obsessed with finding the next JFK.

It is telling that in this primary contest the three favorites (Clinton, Edwards, and Obama) had remarkably thin records. The bulk of Hillary's experience claim stems from being a first lady. The last go around wasn't much different. Edwards and Kerry emerged as the favorites . Kerry had more experience than any of the three contenders this time around but that amounted to two terms as Senator and not much more. Edwards, in 2004 was completing his first term as a Senator and had no prior experience as a public servant. Edwards performance in 2004 essentially disposes of Ferraro's claim. He is the white Barack Obama. Where they are distinct is that Barack Obama is more intelligent(vastly) and does not come across like a snake oil salesman. Democrats are constantly looking to fast track their young talent, well, Obama is the young talent.

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