Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This Made Me Laugh

From Commenter ptk in response to a Marginal Revolution post:
"the real crime is that the unions have seduced their employees into believing they have jobs for life as long as they continue to pay their union dues and to eat cheetos on the couch at home.

when they should rather be spending their time educating themselves in productive technologies and skills in the community college system in order to move up the food chain.

and without the expansion of trade (and credit), these people would still be watching the superbowl on a 24-in. CRT TV in a trailor home with a $5 Big Mac rather than feasting on $7 Dominoes pizza, $1 Big Macs, $3 buckets of KFC, or $1 Burrito Supremes while being blinded by a 52-in HD plasma flat screen from the seat of their Lazy-Boy deluxe in the living room of their sub-prime castle."

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