Thursday, February 21, 2008

Notes on McCain

I have always found McCain vexing. I was 18 when he mounted his insurgent campaign in 2000 which inspired my interest in politics. I cast my first ever vote for him in the Virginia GOP primary. I was drawn and still am drawn to his story of courage and honor while serving in Vietnam (though, at the time I wasn't aware that he ditched his wife once he got back to the states for someone hotter, younger, and richer). On some very important issues where he has departed with Republicans, I believe his positions have been admirable and correct: notably the Bush tax cut, Torture (especially torture), global warming, and the Gang of 14. In other areas I think he is positively daft (campaign finance), too clever by half (immigration), terrifying (the fact that he has been advocating Iraq style invasions under his policy proposal of "Rogue Regime Rollback" since 1998). I believe his health care proposals are the best of either party if only too modest in their scale. At the same time I am put off at how disingenuous he is for a straight talker, disdainful of our first amendment rights, and seemingly chomping at the bitt to start the wrong fight.

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