Wednesday, February 06, 2008

McCain's Comeback

There will be a lot of analysis about McCain's comeback along the lines of this article that intimate it hinged on this or that policy stance or this or that campaign tactic. McCain's comeback was the result of a perfect storm, not anything McCain did. Giuliani pursued a brain dead campaign strategy (to concede all of the early states), Thompson was lazy, Romney was Mormon and oozed crass opportunism, and Huckabee's appeal was too narrowly sectarian (though, I think ultimately Huckabee's rhetoric is the first iteration of a revitalized and relevant Republican party, if not his policy suggestions). McCain was able to dominate the moderates and pick off enough upscale and downscale conservatives to win because the Conservative base was not enthusiastic about a single candidate nor could it decide which candidate it hated the least. I have a love/hate relationship for McCain and will find it very difficult to vote for him for President. If Hillary gets the nomination I will vote for him, if Obama wins the nomination then all bets are off.

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