Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clemens and Congress

I think the congressional hearings on steroid abuse is utterly frivolous and nothing more than a bunch of attention whores indulging themselves. However, I do, if ever so slightly, take issue with the notion that Congress has no place in the steroid investigations. Congress has granted monopoly rights to several of the professional sports leagues, including the MLB. I don't think this business of the congressional hearings is a particularly compelling use of our congressional representative's time, but arguably, when somebody abuses their monopoly privileges, those very anticompetitive privileges that Congress has bestowed, Congress has some reason (shamefully thin in this instance) to address the issue. It appears to be pretty clear that Clemens has used performance enhancing drugs and that his principle accuser is a complete lowlife. In fact it looks like MacNamee is a rapist to boot.

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