Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Truer Words...

From George Will:

"The way to achieve Edwards' and Huckabee's populist goal of reducing the role of "special interests," meaning money, in government is to reduce the role of government in distributing money. But populists want to sharply increase that role by expanding the regulatory state's reach and enlarging its agenda of determining the distribution of wealth. Populists, who are slow learners, cannot comprehend this iron law: Concentrate power in Washington and you increase the power of interests whose representatives are concentrated there."

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Ilya said...

Will's words verge on the trivial and useless. Let me paraphrase: if our government didn't have so much money to distribute, and if so many groups didn't have such a high stake in the way it allocates its funds, there would be fewer lobbyists in Washington. True enough. But in fact this is not the case. And I'll venture to say, as long as sovereign states exist, this will never be the case. But that doesn't mean the rules of the game of determining the distribution of wealth cannot be changed.