Thursday, January 10, 2008

Question for Obama

As submitted by Megan McArdle:

"Senator, you used cocaine and marijuana. Would it have been just and right for you to have been sentenced to multi-year prison terms under today's drug laws?"

My proposed answer for the Senator:

"Of course not. Today's laws regarding drug possession and consumption are batshit crazy. Seriously, the people that came up with this War on Drugs must have been higher than shit. Crackheads really. Think about it, we spend all of this money on interdiction, but the addicted are not price sensitive. They are addicted! So we drive up prices and thus make the drug trade more lucrative. In the meanwhile we send people who do not have violent histories or criminal histories save for drug addiction into a facility with a bunch of violent people and act surprised that they are even more screwed up when they leave than when they came in. If I was getting raped in the shower that would fuck me up too."

"If the objective of the War on Drugs and the attendant drug laws was to make organized crime more lucrative and to remove hundreds of thousands able bodied men from the work force while spending billions in doing so, well then, yes, yes I would say the War on Drugs has been a wild success and we should preserve the current drug laws. But I don't think that is the intent of the War on Drugs but sadly it is the result."

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