Monday, January 07, 2008

End The Writers Guild Strike Now!!!

If there was ever a reason for Hollywood executives to end the Writers Guild strike I witnessed it last night when I sat through the two hour premier of the new American Gladiators.

Honestly this show is beyond terrible. I will be the first to admit that I watched the original version years ago. But there is a big difference between watching a crappy syndicated Saturday morning TV program and the garbage that pretends to be primetime television these days.

So regardless of how you feel about the strike please go to this website and sign the petition to end the strike, if for no better reason then to bring some level of respectability back to the filth we watch.

Plus with the presidential campaign season officially upon us I am suffering through an extreme case of Daily Show and Colbert Report withdrawal.


Taurus said...

Why not try reading a book instead? Frankly, I couldn't care less if the writers never comeback, no appreciable difference between "scab crap" and professional "crap". Cheers.

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

"scab crap" v. professional "crap"? Pray do tell what do you consider crap. Fear Factor? Pure class. Transcendant really. I Love New York 2? Sympathetic in her complexity and flaws, brilliant. Don't forget the coming Rock of Love 2. It will be amazing.