Tuesday, December 04, 2007


He is currently being left for dead but I actually think he has a decent shot at winning the Republican nomination. If Romney fails to win in Iowa I think his campaign will be perceived as cratering. McCain doesn't bear any burden of high expectations in Iowa, quite the opposite. I don't really envision Huckabee doing all that well in New Hampshire. That leaves Giuliani and Thompson. Thompson's campaign cratered before it even started in full and Giuliani has also been losing ground of late. This is not to say that McCain has been doing particularly well in the polls, but against this crowd anybody has a shot.

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joye said...

Hello from Iowa.

Of course Huckabee is doing well here. Don't forget also that he's a Baptist minister and likely to draw the evangelical crowd even though some of the big boys have endorsed Giuliani..what's up widdat?

Giuliani is as good as dead especially since the disclosures about him hiding his secret service expenses in other accounts so that he could be protected whilst visiting his mistress.

But McCain? Never. Too much sucking up to Bush and compromising what used to be his ideals.