Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Should Larry Craig Resign?

Much has been made about Larry Craig's about face on the issue of his resignation. He has decided to finish out his term after initially promising to resign.

He was in a men's stall where he was engaged in the infamous "wide stance" and he exchanged foot taps with the man in the next stall (who happened to be an undercover cop) and I gather reached under the stall (this transpired at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport). He was subsuquently arrested. Larry Craig plead guilty to disorderly conduct (a misdemeanor). There was no sex involved, apparently no self-gratification, but rather some coded solicitation of sex (though not necessarily solicitation in the sense of prostitution). There was a tap of the foot, and the reaching of the hand. Now that a cop was in the men's bathroom and tapped his foot (and knew that this was some sort of a come-on for men cruising for gay sex) does seem like an entrapment situation.

Why are we talking about Craig's resignation? Well, I suppose cruising for sex in public bathrooms is not necessarily becoming of public officials. But the principal reason here is that Larry Craig is a republican and was cruising not just for sex, but sex with another male. That is the primary sin. The republican caucus is homophobic and he simply gooed out the rest of the caucus. There have been no similar calls from Republicans for the resignation of Sen. Vitter for soliciting prostitutes or from Sen. Stevens for being an outright crook (that goes for the entire Alaska delegation). One can certainly claim that Craig's conduct, homosexual or not, is cause for his ouster. But then they must also agree that Sen. Vitter's resignation should be promptly tendered as well.

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