Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Not a Good Model For Art History Majors

Here is John Derbyshire (NRO's resident curmudgeon) on Martin Creed's Turner Prize winning Exhibit, “Work No. 227: The Lights Going On and Off.” (the Turner Prize is awarded with 2ok Sterling):

"What do I think about all this? Well, first I think that the directors of the Tate Gallery, which receives funding from general taxation, should be locked up in prison and made to do hard labor scraping the rust off bolts for twenty years or so with nothing to eat but cold oatmeal porridge. Then I think Mr Creed should be stripped naked, sprayed all over with bright blue paint, and made to run round and round Piccadilly Circus until he drops from exhaustion, after which he should be killed by some not-very-humane method. Then the Tate Gallery should be reduced to rubble by aerial bombardment, the rubble carted away to be used as landfill, and the ground sown with salt. Then the fools who pay good money to look at this “art” should be packed into boxcars and tipped off the white cliffs of Dover, and their mangled corpses left to be feasted on by dogs, crows and crabs."

I had similar sentiments as I was reviewing various pieces as an undergrad but my desire for an A usually prevented me from letting loose like this.

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