Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Am Confused

There seems to be a budding consensus (of which I disagree) that Hillary's nomination is inevitable. Whenever I talk to my friends (who are overwhelmingly liberal, sigh) or read liberal blogs I get the impression that she is not the favorite candidate of the left (most prefer either Obama-tolerable or Edwards-loathesome). I think that the notion behind it is that Hillary can win, and at the least, she won't crater. Her best would not be as good as Obama or Edwards in an election or the White House, but she is more likely to get there. It sounds like the Left has just settled. I don't get it because in this election cycle I think just about anybody with a -D besides their name will win. Most of the Republican candidates have major problems with the base, the base is clearly disengaged at this point, and the Republican party is not exactly popular right now.

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