Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And I Bitch and Moan About Mitt Romney Again...

Romney secured an endorsement from the chancellor of Bob Jones University, Bob Jones III. This is the same Bob Jones University that called Catholicism a satanist cult and until 2000 banned interracial dating. Does Romney really want to accept this endorsement. Sadly it has been a staple of Republican Presidential Campaign politics to dance with these wingnuts, but maybe, Romney could have used this as an opportunity to stop that dance. In general I find Romney to be a profound waste. I think the real Romney is a moderately conservative technocrat who is very capable and quite intelligent. He has decided that in order to be electable that he would have to swing dramatically to the right. I think this calculation was wrong. After Iraq, Katrina, and every other monumental screw up by the Bush Administration I think most are looking for somebody that can claim competence. This election cycle was the best opportunity for a Romney type candidate (i.e. the Romney before deciding to run for president) had of securing the nomination. Instead he has shamelessly pandered to the worst elements of the republican base.

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