Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We Come Provacotive

In a delightfully derivative fashion that only the blogosphere can muster, here is the economist blogging on Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development reviewing the Paul Collier's influential development tract "The Bottom Billion" in Foreign Affairs:

"Here Mr Clemens seems to gesture toward perhaps the biggest and most controversial idea in development circles. Why would anyone with a robust sense of reality simply assume that each national jurisdiction contains the seeds of a viable economy? If we insist on thinking of development as a matter of national growth, we may well consign most of the bottom billion, and their children and their grandchildren, to unrelenting poverty trapped within their UN-recognised national prisons. Our real moral concern should not be the Central African Republic, but its unfortunate denizens. The best thing for their prospects may simply be to get out--to leave for a place where growth has already commenced. The West's many attempts to jumpstart growth where the world's poorest already reside has yet to work. So why does the international community insist on betting the poor's lives on the gamble that it will, finally, some day?"

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