Friday, September 07, 2007

More Wise Words on the Suprime Mess

Here's Megan McArdle on pitfalls to avoid (ideally) in addressing the subprime mortgage mess:

  • "Creating moral hazard
  • Costing the government a scary enormous amount of money
  • Outraging voters as the government taxes people in modest homes in order to allow people who bought more home than they can afford in those houses. Whether or not you think that this is common among those who have gotten themselves into subprime trouble, or even admire the redistributive justice of it all, this is a real sentiment out there, and politicians have to deal with it."

"These are reasonable goals. Against this, one has to weigh the fact that major crises are better averted earlier than later. But I am not yet clear on whether the mortgage market requires massive intervention, or just continual finesse."

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