Monday, September 24, 2007

GM/UAW Talks Stalled

UAW workers are officially on strike.


A Green Cowboy said...

First, I just noticed that in the post "Elite Plot to Ruin Americer's Sport" you used the term "navigating the crevices." Remarkable turn of phrasing.

Second: did/when did unions jump the shark? What is Toyota's relationship with unions?

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

I am not sure this is really so much an artifact of union/management relations today but rather historically. Toyota started manufacturing in the states at a later date, and also their plants are in the South which are typically right to work states. Toyota never made the lavish promises (or never were forced to commit to lavish benefit plans) that the Big three did as Toyota's assembly plants took root after the heyday of collective bargaining and also in economically depressed areas that were happy to get the jobs. I can't comment as to whether this particular instance is a case of union intransigence, although I suspect so.