Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gibbs Racing Switches to Toyota

For those of you who don't know who Joe Gibbs is (shame on you, you are a miserable person), he is the best football coach to ever walk the face of the earth (It's not his fault that Dan Snyder owns the Redskins)? Now some might say that is a preposterous statement as surely Vince Lombardi or Belichick or Tom Landry deserve some props as well here. Well, that is wrong. Not only has Joe Gibbs led the most important Sports Franchise in the history of mankind to three Super Bowl victories (with three different QBs mind you) he is also a Nascar heavyweight. I don't recall Vince Lombardi having a winning team anywhere outside of the Football (not to mention that he stunk it up during his stint with the Skins). Anyhow, Gibbs in all of his Nascar genius is switching from Chevrolet to Toyota. I have no idea if this a sound decision because I don't follow Nascar or care for it but I will blindly champion anything Gibbs does.

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