Friday, August 03, 2007


This thing is bad ass. It is a totally different take on public transportation and I have no idea if it is economically or logistically feasible. It's a bus but more like a massive limo. And it can ride on the highway or regular streets just like a normal bus but it could also function sort of like a train and go especially designed roads at speeds up to 150 mph. The thing I find puzzling/intriguing is the people in charge of the project intend to market it as an on demand system. What that means is instead of having a route structure with certain times you would request service on the internet or phone and it would pick you up. I guess you would have to have a variable rate structure for this to work. This scheduling approach is actually being employed by DayJet (which uses Very Light Jets or its Air Taxi service). I think in aviation such a scheduling technique has a chance of working because you are still limited in terms of where you can go (airports where DayJet has gates or some sort of arrangement). With a bus in a urban area it seems like that would be a more difficult task.

Anyhow, if this makes any sense and you are curious about the SuperBus here are some links for you. Here's Autoblog on the SuperBus. Here is the official website, though, it's in Dutch (The University of Delft is designing and building the SuperBus). Here's the economist on the SuperBus.

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