Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Note

Paternity suits used to be called bastardy suits. This reminds of a story (it actually is the reason I don't use the word bastard anymore). A friend of mine was impregnated by her boyfriend the spring of her freshman year and then bore the child the following winter. The boyfriend as is often the case disappeared from the scene and ran from his responsibilities. Anyhow, my friend continued with her studies and from time to time would bring the child to campus. Anyhow, one day around the campus p.o. boxes I encountered her with her child. As she was boasting about what a good and handsome and healthy baby he was (which all appeared to be true), I remarked what a "cute little bastard he was." Fortunately she was a great deal more couth than me and charitable enough to overlook my poor choice of words and took the my remark as a compliment as I had intended.

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