Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chairman Yi

Sportsguy Bill Simmons has a great nickname for Milwaukee Bucks(?) rookie Yi Jianlian: The Chairman. Though, I think Chairman Yi would be better. His signature move could be called the Great Leap Forward.

In other news, Yi still to this day refuses to sign with the Bucks, thumbing his nose at Milwaukee and all of Wisconsin. As I have stated previously, I think this is stupid for a number of reasons but I will focus on the marketing of Yi which his agents have offered as a primary objection to playing in Milwaukee.

I don't think that he will be disadvantaged from a marketing perspective because the fish out of water narrative will be so compelling that he will reach a broader audience. Picture if you will Yi and Penny Marshall taping a commercial a la Laverne and Shirley for Miller Lite. It would be an instant classic. Anyhow, I do think congress should address this ASAP.

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