Thursday, July 19, 2007

Private Sector Big Brother Lurks Among Us

I happen to be rather conflicted on the issue of Google. I suppose I am not really conflicted, I recognize them as being pedarasts that routinely invade our privacy and support the subjugation of others (read: CHINA). Nonetheless, I love, I mean love their products. Gmail is tons better than yahoo or hotmail. Google search is of course dandy. Then there is blogger which I am blogging on right now, free of charge. Google Earth, very cool. Now they are pairing street level views with their maps. I think this is great. That said, yet again, Google is bumping up against privacy concerns. They have not taken precautionary measures such as blotting out faces and license plates.

Anyhow, Google apparently has a whole fleet of camera cars to do the StreetView. They are Chevy Cobalts. So if you see a Chevy Cobalt, there is a decent chance that it is a Google Car photographing you and your surroundings.

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