Thursday, June 28, 2007

Washington Redskins

The Redskins, while my favorite sports team (and of course Joe Gibbs is the best coach ever and should be President), the name itself is unfortunate... to say the least. It is a racial slur. I am not a terribly PC guy but it offends most sensible people. So I was thinking of some possible substitutions:

1. In honor of our beloved former Mayor Marion Barry (also prime presidential candidate)- The Washington Bitch Set Me Ups.

2. The Washington Flatulence

3. Something that has at least some chance of being realized- The Washington Lobbyists

4. To confuse people- The Washington Post

5. To reflect a dominant if receding fad- The Washington Neoconservatives

6. To reflect the state of D.C. Public Schools-The Washintin Edumacashun

I am at a loss but please feel free to add some suggestions.

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