Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Odd News Item of the Day

Well this is not exactly new news as opposed to recent news but Cheney is claiming the Office of the Vice President is not part of the Executive Branch. Nor does he claim to be in the legislative branch. Rahm Emanuel is responding to this interesting legal theory in a novel way, by defunding the Office of the Vice President. This is an administration that has had any number of lows and stupid assertions but this one ranks pretty high. Maybe there is a Parallel Universe Branch out there.

I sort of wonder if there isn't some credence to the rumors of Cheney getting the boot. There was a recent story about Sen. Warner (R-VA- yay for the old dominion) with other elders in the GOP going to the White House to tell Bush to boot Cheney. Maybe Cheney is sort of mailing it in to give Bush cover or something (not that he really needs any more but maybe)? Ultimately I don't see Cheney leaving for one basic reason: Impeachment. To the extent that Cheney sticks around he provides a disincentive to Democrats to try to impeach Bush. Is the spectre of President Cheney really preferable to President Bush?

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