Wednesday, June 27, 2007

iPhone Continued

I actually secretly yearn for an iPhone. It looks way cooler than about everything out there, price and crappy network aside. I have a couple of personal qualms with it which will prevent from buying one:

1. Price and Crappy network, already taken care of.
2. I am the worst type of electronics consumer (or best from the perspective of a sales person). I love gadgets. Unfortunately, while I am routinely suckered in by them or at least infatuated with them, I can't manage to get them to work. Four years ago I bought the Dell Axim (a PDA) for a couple of hundred bucks. I bought the external keyboard and thought I was going to be super clever and use it like a mini computer. Type notes in class with my tiny little gadget. Whip out emails on campus. But no, ignoramus that I am, I never quite got the thing to transcribe my handwriting into actual words. That might be because my handwriting sucks and as such the whole venture was foolish.
3. Now consider the purchase from a conspicous consumption angle. D.C. is the land of blackberries. But nonetheless, Blackberry's are uniquely cool in D.C. People pull them out at the bar and toggle through their emails mid conversation at happy hour and feign dismay to draw attention to the fact that they are so important that they are getting emails at happy hour. Essentially, unless you have one, you're a nobody. I am a nobody. That is that my employer does not value me to the extent that it does not feel that it can do without immediate access at all times of the day. The feeling is mutual. But worse than being a nobody is somebody who buys a blackberry or something of the like (read:iPhone) because they are a nobody who is paying an exorbitant amount to be somebody. Being somebody is much more expensive than having a blackberry.


Anti-Everything said...
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Anti-Everything said...

It is my birthday if all you picayunees (yeah I just made up a word) out there are looking for gift ideas I would say this might be it.