Thursday, June 21, 2007


There has been much hoopla over Mayor Bloomberg switching his party affiliaton from Republican to ... well nothing.. independent I suppose. Many have speculated that this is the first step in setting up a run for president as a third party candidate. I think this is possible but I tend to think this is more of a publicity stunt. I ultimately doubt Mayor Bloomberg will toss his hat into the ring but will tease the media and fan the flames of speculation so he can:

1. Get attention for its own sake
2. Get the spotlight to force the discussion on some public policy issue otherwise not discussed at the present (I have no idea what)
3. Garner consideration for the Veep slot on a Democratic ticket.

I think the chances of Mayor Bloomberg being tabbed as a Veep are slim. However, he would provide somebody like Obama cover to move very quickly to the center and posture as a New Democrat as opposed to the more old school liberal approach that he is taking now. Also it would enhance his "the enemy is partisanship" spiel by nominating somebody who doesn't neatly fit our political categories.

Regardless of whether he runs or not I suspect whoever the Democratic Nominee is will win. He will just ensure they win by a larger margin.

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